Sandbox environment or something else to test

I would like to implement the API service but something of them require PRO plan, such as POST /users and many others. I wonder if a sandbox environment exists in order to implement and test some API requests, or any other solution is welcome!

Thank you in advance

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @Algor,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. While we don’t have a Sandbox environment, you can use another account for testing - even a basic account that has a credit card added to enable user management.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi @MaxM ,
I’ve tried to add a payment method but POST /users gives me:

No permission, please contact Zoom customer support.

Beyond this, there are othe API which requires pro plan, so I need a free trial or something similar to test pro functionalities. Here I was reading about the possibility of having a free trial of 60 days, is it still possible?

@MaxM @will.zoom

Any news about free trial?

Hey @Algor,

Sorry for the delay here. It looks like you will need a Pro Plan or higher to use the API. While we used to have a Free Trial program we don’t currently have a good method to provide one here in Developer Support.

You can try contacting our sales team or looking into a monthly plan for testing purposes.


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