Testing "sample web App" . Fail to join the meeting

Hi, I’m new to Zoom. what I’m trying to do is to integrate zoom meeting into my ReactJS app.
first of all, I tried to use the zoom sample web app to check how it works.
so I cloned this project from GitHub - zoom/sample-app-web: Zoom Meeting SDK for Web Sample App
following the readme instruction
I created a new app in the marketplace.zoom to get needed credentials API__key API_secrect also I used this function to create a new signature

function generateSignature(apiKey, apiSecret, meetingNumber, role) {
  // Prevent time sync issue between client signature generation and Zoom
  const timestamp = new Date().getTime() - 30000
  const msg = Buffer.from(apiKey + meetingNumber + timestamp + role).toString('base64')
  const hash = crypto.createHmac('sha256', apiSecret).update(msg).digest('base64')
  const signature = Buffer.from(apiKey, meetingNumber, timestamp, role, hash).toString('base64')
  return signature

but when I tried to join a meeting
I got this error

    "type": "JOIN_MEETING_FAILED",
    "reason": "Fail to join the meeting.",
    "errorCode": 200

Can you please help me out?


Welcome to the Developer Forum! If you are looking to get started with our Sample Meeting SDK, you will want to create SDK type Marketplace app and you can use the Zoom Meeting SDK Sample Signature Node.js for Signature generation.