Testing Webinar Functionality on basic account

I’m creating an app that will integrate with our website. The app will use the API to create new webinars and allow participants to register/cancel their registration and join the webinar at the right time. We’re also using subscriptions to track when users join/leave and when the webinar starts/ends.

I’ve created the marketplace app on my account but it is a free account that doesn’t have webinars enabled… how do I test to make sure the subscriptions and the other functionality works if my zoom account is just a basic free account?

Hi @JTrelfa,

Good question—happy to clarify.

To that end, if you wish to test out Webinar creation/registration, you will need at least 1 webinar license for your test account. We don’t currently have a way to test out paid features without an active subscription, though I can appreciate the use case when it comes to development.

In order to test this with your test account, you might consider purchasing a license for just 1 month to see if it will suit your needs.


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