Testing zoom OAuth app while in development

I went through multiple discussions and well as read the docs, but I am still a little confused and any help on this would be really appreciated.

So basically,

I have a react app which I plan to show inside the zoom client by creating a zoom app. I have created the zoom app and got the authorization url to check the app on the browser. It works great on the browser!

I want to know if there is any way that I can test the app inside the zoom client (like it’s intended to), just for my account, as that is the account used for creating the zoom app. I want to do this before publishing it to the marketplace as I just need to make sure it works and check a few things like the font size and the user experience when the app is shown inside the zoom client.

Please let me know how can I check this?
If this type of question has already been answered and I missed that, It would be of great help if I could get the links to those answers as well. Thanks in advance!