Questions about creating games for OAuth and Zoom Marketplace

Hi everyone,

The Zoom APIs and Apps look great! It fit exactly some needs from a company that I work for.
So, I’m creating app to provide instant meetings games, pretty similar with the ones which are now available in the marketplaces.

In consequence, I did created it was a OAuth app, so it can be shown in the marketplace.

However, I’m confused about a few topics.
Is there way to test it inside zoom, before submitting it review? Or to test inside zoom I have to get it submitted/approved but only allow it to restricted users?
To have it working inside zoom, there other requisites besides being a OAuth app?

How I can get the instant meeting ID from the user that started the app/game?
I need this ID to get all meeting attends to in the same game room.

Why there some APIs that I’m not allowed to add scope?
I notice that almost every game has a ‘Zoom App’ [zoomapp:inmeeting] scope, however I’m not allowed to add this scope. Is due my app type [account level] or due my Zoom account type?
This scope seems to offer something similar from what I’m looking for…

While using a zoom app, there is a “invite/share” button, I didn’t understand exactly how the “invite link” works. There is a place in the doc which explain how this “invite” works? It is the same from “Publishable URL”?

Even after adding the describe of use a scope, the submit page still ask me to fill the descriptions. Is that a bug or I’m missing something?

I’m glad to being able to develop to Zoom, and I hope to get publish soon!

Thank you so much for your time.

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Hey @Red,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

Typically, you can submit a request to share an app outside of your account for development and testing purposes. Currently, we have paused approvals on new requests and are working to bring back approvals ASAP.

You’ll want to make sure that you Publish Your App if you want users on other accounts to install it. Please also see our guide on OAuth Apps.

You can try using the List Meetings Dashboard API to get a list of live meetings for that user.

Zoom Apps are a new feature that we are releasing as part of a closed beta. We will be making the feature public and expanding out betas ASAP.

We’ll release documentation on Zoom Apps when they are released. As part of that, we’ll make sure to include information on sharing your app.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks for the answers, Max

We from are really interested to participate from the close beta, there is a way to apply to it? Our company fit quite well the zoom marketplace environment


Hey @Red,

We don’t have a way to sign up for this just yet but we will let our developers known when we open it up for further beta testing.


Hi, is there an estimate of when they’ll be back? It’s a development blocker to not be able to test the app outside of own account. Also, beta testing with users is critical for us.

Hey @analyticalmonk,

I don’t have an estimate for you just yet but we’ll make an announcement when it is available again.


Okay @MaxM, I understand.
Can you at least let us know the chances of them being available again this month?

Hi @analyticalmonk,

For now, you will need to have your app reviewed and approved by our Marketplace team in order to test your app with individuals outside of our account.

If you need to test, you can still do so locally using the Local Test URL from your app. You might consider adding certain individuals to your development account temporarily, so that they can use the local test/publishable url for testing purposes.

That said, we realize the impact this has on your ability to easily test with individuals outside your account, and do sincerely apologize that we can’t currently issue a sharable/publishable URL for draft apps at this time. Our team is hoping to solve for this in the near future, though we can’t guarantee a timeframe currently.

Thank you,