The "act" field in app-context

I recently started noticing some strangeness in the “act” param of the app context. Per the documentation, “act” should be the action payload supplied in the deeplink. But I’m seeing some strangeness and was wondering if you can explain some of these:

Normal (we get it all the time):

Strange (as it’s is not a JSON object
act: ‘go’ → Sometimes

Somewhat Strange (as we never supplied it and it’s coming from somewhere)
act: { “url”: “/zoomapp/home”, “role_name”: “Owner”, “verified”:1, “role_id”: 0}

More Strange (why are we getting codaCode & codaCodeVerifier)
{“codaCode”: “”, “zoomCode”: “”, “codaCodeVerifier”: “”}

@madhum Can you share the snippet of code you’re using to print this out? I’m not sure why this would be happening off the top of my head.

This happened during the app-context issue. I believe the issue is resolved now.