Zoom App in Zoom Room SDK Feedback

Zoom Apps Configuration
Vanilla JS importing the SDK.

I am successfully able to get the context of the room from the Zoom App SDK, but the objects that are supposed to exist have an extra space after the object name.

How To Reproduce
Sample code:

await zoomSdk.config({
  capabilities: [
let context = await zoomSdk.getZoomRoomContext()
// context.deviceId
// context.roomId
// ^ these fields are exposed on the SDK via the Typescript typings, but the deviceId and roomId objects do not exist
// rather these exist on context['deviceId '] and context['roomId '] <- notice the intentional space after the object name.
// this is a bug.

Some other feedback is that the roomId isn’t really usable to determine what Room the app is coming from. In my testing, when querying for the room ID, it returns (roomId (all lower cased) )@xmpp.zoom.us(name).

For example, let’s say that the actual room ID is d24ufXq_QzCEDPSP20g6Q and the room name is “2A Conference room”, the roomId field would come back as “d24ufxq_qzcedpsp20g6q@xmpp.zoom.us2A Conference room”.

There is no way to correctly identify what room this is because the room ID is invalid. The device ID doesn’t return anything either. It seems to return the identifier for the type of device that it is running on.

Can you add an option so that I can obtain the actual room ID? (in the example described above I am looking for this value: d24ufXq_QzCEDPSP20g6Q)

Hi @andrewb - could you please confirm, is your Zoom App running on a Zoom Room Controller? If it is, what kind of device (e.g. Android tablet), what version of ZRC application (e.g. 5.17.5), and what version of Chromium (e.g. 122.x.x.x)?

Would you mind providing some console output showing the zoomSdk.getZoomRoomContext object’s keys? We cannot replicate the issue you raised about the trailing space. And the roomId should be a case-sensitive string, with just the ID.

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Looking at the latest JS SDK I’m not seeing this issue. Are you still seeing this when testing with the latest version of the Zoom Apps SDK? (0.16.18)

I suggest updating the ZR Controller, Your Zoom Client as well as the JS SDK. Let me know if that helps. If not, we can file a bug for this behavior.

Hi Nic/Max,

I can confirm that this was not on a Zoom Room controller, but just the Zoom Room device itself. It’s a Neat Bar running 5.16.5 at the time, but has since then been upgraded to 5.17.7. I have it configured as a Zoom Room that displays the Zoom App when the room is idle.

The version of the SDK that I had seen this behavior with was on 0.16.17. Are there any significant changes from that version to 0.16.18? I’ll do some more testing next time that I am in the office to confirm if this behavior is still observed.

Maybe I missed this somewhere, but I find that it’s difficult to capture console output because there seems to be no way for me to tap into the console on the device. Is there a way to inspect the console running that app SDK?

As a workaround, I wrote my console logs to a div and displayed it on the screen. I have a picture of this behavior that displays the context response from the App SDK in JSON format. Due to it showing internal information, I will send this over to my TAM and they can share it with you. You can see the context payload in the second form. It’s hard to tell, but if you zoom in you can see the extra space on the object keys.