The API only recovers some participants

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After this upgrade:

Meeting API: fields hidden in Dashboard and Report APIs
Updated: March 3, 2023
The response fields id and participant_user_id for meeting guests (not hosts) have been hidden in the Dashboard and Report API endpoints because this information represents guest Personal Identifying Information (PII). Developers will no longer be able to get these information fields from the Dashboard and Report API endpoints. Developers must change any of their business logic which relies on information from these fields.

The API only recovers some participants, because the ID field is null in most of the cases.
We have seen that when the invited field = “No” then the API recovers the participants successfully. How could we recover all participants from the API now? or How could we configure the Webinars so that all the records are as invited = “No”?

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Hi @j.fernandez
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and sorry for the late reply here!
Could you please share more details about the issue?
Can you share with me a response body that you are getting so I can understand what your issue is?

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The Participant IDs are visible through the Admin portal but not through the API.
This (screenshot below) is how an attendee report from Zoom looks like when I download it manually. I can clearly see guests and their email addresses in it and it tells me who has attended.
This is different via the API. The result is 0 Attendees.

Here you can see the screenshot.


Hi @j.fernandez
Could you share with me a response body along with the request url you are sending to our api?