The meeting duration displayed in Zoom is different than the one we calculate via the API


We are using zoom api using JWT to calculate duration of meetings.

There is a case where the duration calculated in the API is different than the one shown in zoom interface.

Zoom API send all the connexions data for each meeting for each attendee
**As an example for one given meeting Api send the following information : **
’duration’: 4,
’join_time’: ‘2022-01-06T10:02:59Z’,
’leave_time’: ‘2022-01-06T10:03:03Z’,
’duration’: 1638,
’join_time’: ‘2022-01-06T10:03:03Z’,
’leave_time’: ‘2022-01-06T10:30:21Z’,

The values shows that the user connected a 10:02:53 then disconnected at 10:03:03, then reconnected at 10:03:03 (probably due to connexion issue) then disconnected at 10:30:21 : for a total of 27 minutes and 22 seconds, rounded down to 27.
This is what we show in our app.

however in the zoom interface, when displaying the meeting participant screen, the user is associated with a 29 min connexion.

All the other users in this meeting have the same delta +2 or +3 minutes between the api calculation and the screen in zoom.

Question : Have you ever seen this mismatch ?
What are we missing when calculating the time spend in a zoom meeting ?

I can pm the participants ID or meeting ID for more informations.

I’m bumping this subject since it stayed five days in Admin check and never went first page.
We are still facing the issue.

The endpoint used to get meeting duration is :

Hey @camille,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. My apologies for the delay.

I just have a couple of questions:

  1. Where in the web portal are you seeing a different time?
  2. Do these meetings have the Waiting Room enabled?


Hey Max,

Thanks for your reply.
This screen is seen from :

  1. Once connected to Zoom, connect to « Admin »
  2. Choose « Account management »
  3. Choose « Reports », then « Use » (utilisation in french)
  4. In « Use», Select the session on which you want a report
  5. The desired screen appear.
  1. Waiting can be enabled, is there someway to find the waiting room duration in the api ?



@MaxM did you have the time to take a look at this subject ?


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