The participant list is not returning

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This problem started happening today.
The participant list of the old meetings does not appear.


The participant list does not return from these 2 urls.
I’m doing a meetinguuid double encode

Example meetingUUIds:


Hi @omeet
I was sable to track down the meetings that you shared with us and it looks like the meetings uuid that you shared, are from instant meetings.

To be able to call the metrics/meeting/meetinguuid/partcipants endpoint, make sure that the meetings are scheduled or type 2.

You should be able to call the past_meeting/meetinguuid/participant with the uuids that you have shared.

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This started to be a problem yesterday. Only the participant list of the meetings held in the last 24 hours is returned. The participant list of older meetings does not return.

metrics/meeting/meetinguuid/partcipants endpoint

I’m having an issue when trying to read the participants from webinars, both{webinarId}/participants


return an empty array of participants as a response

Hi, @omeet,

Thank you for the follow-up. If you’re seeing this on just a few participants, this usually means they joined the meeting as a guest. Can you clarify how many participants are you not seeing? Also, are you able to share if the participants used the registration join_url to join the meeting?


Hi @donte.zoom ,

Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, I get an error says “The meeting does not exist”. But I was able to get participants three days ago. I believe some changes have been made about endpoint. Also refer to your question about how users join the meeting, we use meeting-sdk-web version 1.9.1.


The participant list is still not returning. The previously returned list is now not returning.

I’m running into the exact same thing. A script I had was pulling participants just fine then sporadically over the past two weeks it’s been hit or miss. Is there certain criteria for when participants are populated?

Does the meeting have to be at-least X minutes long, or be specific types before that data is saved? I’m checking the /reports/ endpoint which says “You can get webinar participant reports for the last 6 months.”, but a webinar that was only two weeks ago no longer exists…

If you have a webinar be used multiple times, do the previous UUIDs get wiped out maybe? (that would be a stupid thing to do but just grasping at straws here).


Thank you for sharing additional detail. To rule out missing API parameters, can try to add “past”, or “pastOne” param to the API request and let us know if the behavior persists?

For more details, see One person meetings and webinars on Dashboards and Reports API Developer Guide.

Let us know if this helps.

Hi, @psab,

Welcome to the Developer Forum and thank you for posting. The scenario you are reporting sounds slightly different. Instead, it sounds like the recent API email address display rules may apply to you in this situation? I’ve linked the Announcement below for your review:

API email address display rules

Let me know if this helps to clarify.


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I am aware of the email change and that is fine, that is not my issue. What I’m referring to is the fact that the Zoom API is saying that webinars outright don’t exist. Or if they do return anything it will say zero participants. one time the API was returning absolutely nothing with a 200 HTTPS Code. Something isn’t adding up and I can’t determine whats going on.

I’m currently using the following APIs:


The link you sent about the past, pastOne uses the metrics API.

This is one of the most confusing aspects of this API. Which of the three methods listed above should I be using just to grab a list of participants after a meeting/webinar has ended?

I do not have access to the metrics API as I only have a Pro plan and it requires a Business plan with the Dashboard feature enabled.

To get a report containing past webinar details. You can use the Get webinar detail reports API endpoint:

To get a report of past meeting details. You can use the Get meeting detail reports API endpoint:

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