The password requirement without callback in customized UI mode of SDK 4.4.57218.1211

The password requirement without callback in customized UI mode. Is there other callback that SKD can notify the app that user must enter password?
MeetingServiceListener.onMeetingStatusChanged last status is MEETING_STATUS_CONNECTING and nothing else.
mMeetingService.joinMeetingWithParams returns 0 as with password.

Which version?
Zoom SDK v4.4.57218.1211 in customized UI mode

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Created custom application with MobileRTCVideoViews.

  1. User A create a meeting with password
  2. User B in app join the meeiting without input password.
  3. No callbacks

I have found onMeetingNeedPasswordOrDisplayName().
Problem solved.

Hi aleksandar.gavrilovi,

Thanks for the post and glad to hear that you have found the answer before I saw your post. Yes, you could implement the callback onMeetingNeedPasswordOrDisplayName()( for this purpose, this works for both Zoom default UI and Custom UI.

BTW, I see you are using 4.4.57218.1211. We are introducing a system-wide account enablement of GCM encryption for real-time content on May 30, 2020… Once it is enabled, the SDK versions that do not support GCM encryption will no longer work. You may get more detail here: Please plan to upgrade your SDK accordingly.


Oh, that is not good. I’m using 4.4.57218.1211 because I have to support minSdkVersion: 16 and versions above this is supporting minSdkVersion: 21
Please give me information how to solve this.

I have tried newest version 4.6.21666.0429 on below 21 and it works. Is this gonna change in some point or?

Hi aleksandar.gavrilovi,

Thanks for the reply and pardon the late response. Glad to hear that it is working now. I have not heard anything saying this will change in the near future. I will let you know here if there are any related upcoming changes.