The password dialog cannot popup in customized UI mode of SDK v4.4.56616.1028

The password dialog cannot popup in customized UI mode of SDK v4.4.56616.1028 release on November,
but it’s OK in previous zoom sdk v4.4.55968.0904 release on Semptemper

Which version?
Zoom SDK v4.4.56616.1028 in customized UI mode

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
I use the SDK Demo V2 in SDK v4.4.56616.1028 , the problem only happen in customized UI mode:

  1. User A create a meeting with password
  2. User B join the meeiting without input password
  3. the password dialog should popup in expectation.
  4. actually, the dialog is not popup.


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  • OS: Windows 7 and Windows 10
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Additional context

In fact, you shouldn’t see any UI of Zoom meeting when you are working in the custom UI mode. In this wrong password case, you need handle the callback IMeetingConfigurationEvent.onInputMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameNotification(IMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameHandler* pHandler). You can layout your custom ui and then using the pHandler to notify the SDK the new password.

It’s a bug of the old version of SDK. Anyway, thanks for reporting it!


hi, Wilmer:

Thanks for your tip!

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Thanks for your help Wilmer! :slight_smile:


hi Wilmer & Tommy:

We implement the interface and SetEvent to Meeting Config both in the SDK demo and C# wrapper in customize UI mode:
IMeetingConfigurationEvent.onInputMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameNotification(IMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameHandler* pHandler)

but it seems no event was triggered. This problem only happen in cutmoize UI.
And so is the problem of IZoomRealNameAuthMeetingHelper.

Could you please help to check this?
We use the latest zoom sdk v4.4.57220.1211

Hi zhaoming,

Thanks for the reply. We have updated the Github repo, please have a try with the latest version: and let us know.

Thank you!

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hi, Carson:

Thanks for your update, we’ll try it


we tried the latest update of the C# wrap, the following event could be received now:
IMeetingConfigurationEvent.onInputMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameNotification(IMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameHandler* pHandler)

but we met another problem, when we call pHandler->Cancel() to cancel the input password action in the event and dicconnect from the meeting, then the onInputMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameNotification(…) will never be triggered again if you re-join the meeting or join a new meeting in this launch.
When this happen, the only choice is re-launch the application, or all the meeting cannot input the password.

Hi zhaoming,

Thanks for the reply. The case you are mentioning is that: Calling the pHandler->Cancel() will leave the meeting(no matter you have successfully joined a meeting or not), after calling this, SDK will re-initialize the internal settings. All meeting-related settings are one-time setting, if you would like to use the same setting to host another meeting, you need to call the corresponding interfaces again. In your case, you may need to call IMeetingConfiguration::EnableInputMeetingPasswordDlg(false) again.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

hi, Carson:

Thanks for your tips, it’s work now.

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Hi Zhaoming,

Glad to hear that. Let me know if any other questions. Thanks!

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