The same webhook sent from two different accounts

I’m an admin in our company account and I’ve set up webhooks sending from our two different accounts to our only endpoint that handles these webhooks.

The same webhook with the same request body is sent to our endpoint from both accounts. I distinguish the accounts by their secret tokens, but the request bodies are the same.

I need to split these webhooks because I need to handle them differently.

Why is a webhook related to the webinar created in one account is sent from the other account?

I’ve even set different endpoints on the local dev environment but I still receive two webhooks from different accounts related to a single webinar

I’ve also created a ticket in Customer Support but it was closed and I was addressed to this forum anyway

My ticket’s text:

I have a problem with webhooks only app. I’ve created two apps in our different accounts with a single endpoint for them where I distinguish them by their secret token. The problem is when a user registers for a webinar in one of the accounts we receive two webhooks from both accounts with the same request body. I expected to receive one webhook from the account where a webinar was created.

@grosserg I am not sure I understand this correctly.

Please let me know if my understanding is correct:

You created app A, provided an endpoint, and then subscribed to lets say meeting events
You created app B, provided the same endpoint and then subscribed to webinar events

You are saying that you received webinar events from app A even though you hadnt subscribed to them ?

Yes @ojus.zoom, something like this. Let me explain more accurately.

  1. I created app A in account AC1, provided an endpoint and then subscribed to a webinar registered/joined events
  2. Then I created an app B in account AC2, provided the same endpoint as in app A and then subscribed to the same webinar registered/joined events
  3. I registered for a webinar from app A, and I received two webhooks with different signatures from both our accounts but with the same request body
  4. The same happens when I register for a webinar from app B

I can say more, we had old apps for such events with the old authorization, which I disabled on Friday, and I left logging in case a webhook failed a signature checking, and after that, I figured out that we receive three webhooks, one from our old app and two from our new apps.
But I as an admin can’t see these old apps in the list of created apps in our “Apps on Account” section.

Is anybody here at all?! Is anybody reading these topics?! :man_facepalming:

Any help, please! :pray: :pray: :pray:

@grosserg I apologize for the delay on this. I may need to look at the payload for both events. DM’d you for next steps

Hi, @ojus.zoom! Any updates?