Webinar Webhook triggering for all accounts?

Our webinar.ended webhook just fired for an associated account that the webhook wasn’t created under. I was under the impression that the webhooks are account-specific (that’s what it says in the app center), meaning they would only fire for the account in which they are associated to, not ANY account that is associated with the account it was created under.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting to ensure that a webhook only fires for webinars ended from a SINGLE account? I see that the webhook returns an account_id from the payload, but that’s not exactly ideal to have to check against that every time ANY webinar ends to ensure our endpoint only continues if it matches.

Which Endpoint/s?

For clarification, we have an admin (high-level) account, which I’ll call: Main Account and a (paid) user account the webhook was created under, which I’ll call User Account. Both are pro users, with the webinar add-on, but managed by Main Account.

Here’s what happened:

  1. User Account has an app created that triggers the webinar.ended webhook
  2. Main Account had a webinar today that ended at 3pm
  3. User Account webhook was triggered when webinar from Main Account ended

The problem we encountered was the webhook triggers some custom emails to dispatch to absentees from our endpoint which are branded specifically for User Account. But since it fired for a webinar on Main Account, the absentees from that webinar got a wrongly branded email.

Shouldn’t this webhook only fire for webinars ended from User Account?

Hey @twentyoverten,

Sorry for the confusion, Webhooks are Account-Level which mean they are tied to the master Zoom account, including sub users on that master account.

From the docs:
“By creating a Webhook app on the Zoom App Marketplace, you can subscribe to one or more events for all users in an account.”

I would suggest implementing some logic after you receive the Webhook to check whether the email should be sent. Maybe by checking against a list of webinarIDs that you want to send emails for.