Different Zoom Accounts

All my teachers have different Zoom Pro accounts.
All are currently scheduling meetings via the zoom app on their laptop or mobile.
So everyone will have different API key right!?
I am creating an app where teachers can create meetings and using the SDK or the Zoom Client URL Schemes students can join it…
How do I put every teachers api key separately… for that do i have to go to every teachers marketplace account…
We don’t have an education plan cuz we don’t have a custom domain email id but all teachers have paid for different pro plans

Hi @vivaanmathur2, all accounts have a separate API Key. This is accessed in the Zoom Marketplace through a JWT App. If each teacher is added as a user to the same account, they will share the same API Key.

I would recommend using OAuth and a Marketplace app to get consistent access to a user’s authorization rather than sharing JWT apps.

So can I add all existing Pro accounts to the main (principal)'s Pro account.
Will the api key be same then…

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Hey @vivaanmathur2,

Yes! Please see this article: