This meeting has an unexpected error Error Code: 103307


The user is getting error 103007. What does this error signify?

SDK Version : Latest version

Hi @helloparent,

Thanks for the post. The error code 103007 means “duplicated meeting”, it is normally a backend issue. Is this still happening? How often does this happen? Could you provide a meeting ID that has this issue?


May I ask, are you able to look at a meeting that I have? This user received an 103007 error as well (161 192 5894).

This is a CMS user who has suffered this 4 times. Today he is doing well, but previous days he was kicked out a few times.

I recognize that this is not CMS Zoom, rather Are you able to assist?

Hi @francis.holt, thanks for using Zoom.

It sounds like a user is experiencing an issue with general Zoom meetings. The devforum is meant specifically for help with implementing the Zoom SDK. For general help troubleshooting, please visit the support page.


Tips to fix-
Perform general troubleshooting for sign-in issues
Reset your password to sign in
Change your sign-in email address
Learn more about error codes when signing in
Check your spam folder for verification email during sign-in
Sign in with SSO
Use another sign-in method

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