This meeting has an unexpected error Error Code: 103307


The user is getting error 103007. What does this error signify?

SDK Version : Latest version

Hi @helloparent,

Thanks for the post. The error code 103007 means “duplicated meeting”, it is normally a backend issue. Is this still happening? How often does this happen? Could you provide a meeting ID that has this issue?


May I ask, are you able to look at a meeting that I have? This user received an 103007 error as well (161 192 5894).

This is a CMS user who has suffered this 4 times. Today he is doing well, but previous days he was kicked out a few times.

I recognize that this is not CMS Zoom, rather Are you able to assist?

Hi @francis.holt, thanks for using Zoom.

It sounds like a user is experiencing an issue with general Zoom meetings. The devforum is meant specifically for help with implementing the Zoom SDK. For general help troubleshooting, please visit the support page.