Error 103033 happens on people participating the meeting

Error 103033

We are using zoom PHP SDK and automatically approving users through the API and directing them to the meeting. Sooner we had many complaints from participants saying they are getting this 103033 error when they are participating in the meeting. I checked each participant from the admin panel and they are approved to participate in the meeting. Seems this is not an issue with API or integration. Is there are a permanent fix for this? There are more than 1000 members in the meeting and around 60 people facing this issue. Need urgent attention.

Hey @DisapamokDev,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

Just to make sure that I’m clear on the issue, are you referring to the Web SDK or something else?

This error can mean that the email the participant is using is not authorized for the webinar. I would first make sure that your approval API calls aren’t updating approvals while the meeting is ongoing.

Are you able to provide a screenshot of the error, any browse console errors as well as the ID of the meeting where you saw this issue?


Hi @MaxM

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure whether this error throws because of the API or not.
I am approving registrants by API reaching the endpoint and take the meeting URL from the API response too.

I am using Zoom Rest API 2.0. All the registrant details are approved when I check the zoom meeting settings. I direct the participant to the meeting after registration approvals.

This is the issue they see.



Hey @DisapamokDev ,

What device are you seeing this error on? Is this the Zoom App?

Can you please provide steps to reproduce the issue?


This error is haunting us for 3 days already, native zoom client connection, no custom API.
Already logged ticket to zoom.

Hi @tommy and @MaxM

This issue pops up randomly, It does not matter it is mobile app, desktop or whatever.

There is no exact way to reproduce. Some participants randomly having this issue.

Hey @DisapamokDev and @ckling83,

@DisapamokDev, just to make sure I’m clear, are you using the Mobile SDK or Desktop SDK when you see this or are you using the standard Zoom Mobile Client or the Zoom Desktop Client when you see that error? I ask because this forum category is specific to the Web SDK.

If you’re seeing an issue somewhere else, I want to make sure I’m able to get you to an expert on the issue.

@ckling83, Thank you for submitting a ticket, we’ll follow-up with you there.


Hey Max,

I’ve developed the app with Zoom rest API 2.0. Everything is fine participants are registering and approving their invitations programmatically. Each registrant is approved. (Confirms zoom meeting details).

My issue is, This issue prevents participation randomly. Some of them using the mobile app. others are desktop app. The issue is there for both applications.

Hope you understand the issue Max.

@ckling83 did you find any solution?

Hey @DisapamokDev ,

This issue seems to be on the Zoom App itself. Please reach out to for assistance with this. :slight_smile:


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