"This meeting is being recorded" dialog has a focus issue in Japanese

I’ve traced this issue back to SDK v5.9.6.4777 and it also happens up to v5.11.0.6883. I’m using a custom UI with a device that does not have a touch screen. I rely on left/right navigation and focus to activate parts of the UI.

  1. Set Android system language to Japanese.
  2. Join a meeting where recording is already in progress.
  3. Dialog pops up saying “This meeting is being recorded” with two options at the bottom. Those options are “Leave Meeting” and “Got it”.
  4. Notice that you cannot navigate focus to the “Got it” button, which reads as “了解” in Japanese. When focus is on Leave Meeting and you attempt to navigate right, focus jumps up higher in the dialog. The end result is that Japanese users cannot participate in the meeting.

Any other language that I’ve tested does not have this problem. You can freely use left and right button navigation to toggle between the two buttons.

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