Tie webhook call for meeting to specific user

I am trying to create an app where I can detect meeting actions, like meeting.ended, meeting.started, meeting.sharing_started, etc… I understand that I can register for a webhook event, however, once I get a webhook event, I assume I will get a webhook event for every user that is using my application, how I do I tie an event to a particular user. Here is a sample flow for what I am trying to do:

  • Users, John and Tim, completely unrelated to each other, log into my app
  • When John joins a meeting, I want to get notified that Joh joined a meeting.
  • If John starts sharing screen, I want to get notified that John has started to share screen.

The last 2 items in the list above are webhooks and as far as I can tell there is no direct relationship between webhook events and Web API. As users John and Tim are both logged into my app, when either one of then starts a meeting, I will get a webhook call that will tell me a meeting has started but it won’t give me much more info. How can I know who started a meeting, John or Tim? If someone starts a meeting and it’s not either John or Tim but they are a participant, will I get notified? I am not sure I am seeing the link between how to leverage webhooks with web api.

Hi @cmoreno.cm,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Community, and good question. Happy to help.

To that end, if you’re leveraging our webhooks for Meeting events (started/ended), these will return the ID of the host User. If you’re interested in particular users, you can use our Participant Joined/Left webhooks, which will let you know about specific users:

With the user ID, you can then query that specific user with our GET User endpoint:

The Meeting.sharing_started webhook returns a participant object that includes the user id of the sharer as well.

Let me know if this helps!