Time required to Publish the app in Zoom marketplace


Hello Team,

We have submitted our Zoom app “Classplus” in the zoom app marketplace on September 22nd 2022.
“Classplus’s functional review is successfully completed.

Could you please tell us how much time it would take to fully publish our app in the marketplace and will be ready for our customers to use?
We are not able to see any feedbacks/updates/progress in marketplace. We would like to know the review status of our app.

Please let us know if anything is required from our end.
This issue has become blocker for our app release.
Kindly consider this request as escalation and please review on priority.

Already raised a ticket in support forum

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Hi @kavya.hegde.26 , Our app publication process can generally take around 4-12 weeks depending on a number of factors including whether revisions need to be made after the initial functional and security reviews. Thank you in advance for your patience!