Timeout function for Zoom (terminate incoming call)?


I was wondering if there’s a dedicated timeout function or ways to put a timer on so that Zoom call can be terminated if the user is unable to join after a minute of calling using VoIP notification and CallKit.

To give details on the problem we’re trying to solve:
The app can get the system call screen no problem in any state of the app. The problem is that the app doesn’t run Timer when the app was in a suspended or terminated state. In all other states (background, foreground) Timer is called properly and we can simulate a 60 second timeout.

We’ve tried calling the Timer in the main queue, but no dice and we’re still looking for solutions.

Thanks in advance.

Hi henry,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you saying that the Zoom call is not terminated if the app is killed by the system or in an unexpected way? And you would like to have a timer for this?