Toggling camera throws SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION even when app has permission

When using custom UI and recording, a connected user cannot enable his mic or camera and an error is thrown SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION.

This appears to happen because the user has not accepted to be recorded in the prompt that should appear, but this prompt is never appearing and only the audio is heard saying that the meeting is being recorded.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

If I go back to version it works without an issue.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. From Zoom for desktop, start a meeting and begin recording it before SDK app joins.
  2. From an Android SDK app, join the meeting.
  3. Notice you will hear the “recording in progress” audible message on the SDK app but no consent dialog appears.
  4. SDK user is unable to unmute or start video. canUnmuteMyAudio() and canUnmuteMyVideo() both return false.
  5. Stop recording from desktop.
  6. Notice SDK user still cannot unmute or start video.
  7. Start recording from desktop again.
  8. SDK app pops up consent dialog.
  9. SDK user can now unmute and start video with no issues.

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Hi @pmogollon,

Are you by chance using Hilt in your app? If so, there is a known issue that will be resolved in the next SDK release. If not, this would be a different issue and is something we can investigate further.


Hi @jon.zoom,

Im not using it directly in my app. I dont think any of the packages is using it either.

Hi @pmogollon,

Thanks for confirming. In that case, I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing the recording consent dialog. Can you please provide the encrypted SDK logs so that we can investigate further? They can be found under sdcard/Android/${YOUR_APP}/logs. To ensure you are getting the correct log file, you can use the last_log_file_id.txt file to identify the # of your most recently generated log file.


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