Transfer of Meeting SDK app to comply with new policy

Yesterday we received an email about complying with the Meeting SDK requirements for existing applications with a deadline of September 16th to comply. Our apps already comply with all of the stated requirements except that we do have two apps, each on a different account. We originally did this a few years ago because at the time there was no way to create more than one Meeting SDK app per account. We are happy to get the two apps combined onto a single account but obviously want to mitigate any user impact.

Can Zoom transfer one of the apps so that they are both on the same account, thus keeping all keys/secrets and avoiding issues for users?

Also, do we need to submit anything for review to validate compliance or will that happen automatically?

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Hi @jeremy.provost
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
If you have complied with this requirement and your apps are published in the Marketplace, I do not think you need to take any actions.
But I can double-check this for you. Could you share the name of your apps with me?

As mentioned, the requirement that is not currently being met is that they are published with separate Zoom accounts, although we do list the same company name in Marketplace.

Here are links to the two apps in Marketplace:

Please let us know.

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Hello @jeremy.provost

Just to clarify, usually, a published app isn’t required to go through another review. However, your SDK App, Participant, did not go through a review with our recent policy update. To ensure Participant complies with the updated policy, you will need to submit an update request using this URL: Updating an App

Please indicate in the ‘Release note for reviewer’ field that you are submitting the UPDATE request to be compliant with the new SDK policy.


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Thank you @yoon.conner. We have just submitted the update.

Hi @elisa.zoom. Wanted to see if you had a chance to double-check this for us. Do we need to make any changes to our accounts to be in compliance? Thank you for your help.

Hello @jeremy.provost,

Thank you for submitting your app for an UPDATE request.
Your request has been approved as of 9/4/23 and your app is in compliance in regards to the recent SDK policy update.


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Thank you for your assistance.