Zoom SDK Application Approval Support

Hello -

My application is submitted for approval. I received a message that says there is a problem. I don’t understand the problem as it is stated and the links provided for help are not helpful. I am happy to make any changes if necessary to help the review team. I need to understand what they are. Could I get some support here so I can expedite my SDK App approval? The email I sent is quoted below. NOTE that in my materials I provided a direct link to my application. Thank you for your prompt attention and response to this matter. Here is the email I received:

The Sellect app was not approved for use outside of your account. We could not approve the use of this app outside of your account for the following reason(s):


Thank you for your submission to the Marketplace Beta. We are currently not supporting Authorization URLs for the purpose of conducting beta tests for SDK apps. If you would like to test with users or meetings outside of the developer account, you must go through our standard publishing process and pass both functional and security reviews before being able to join other account’s meetings with your SDK.

Please refer to the following links for our policies regarding SDK bots for cross account joining:
Create a Meeting SDK App (Create a Meeting SDK App)
Meeting Bots: Accessing Media Streams (Meeting Bots Accessing Media Streams)