Turn off the confirmation emails for a silent join

Hi, we provide language classes to our students and they need to join our meetings provided thorough our website with no interaction with zoom.

  1. Create a user host
  2. Create a meeting with this host
  3. Create users to joing this meeting
  4. Redirect them directly into the meeting

User should not do anything or be ask to do.
We have their email, name, info.

Hi Jesus, I assume you don’t want your users to receive account confirmation e-mails from Zoom. check out the custcreate api in our REST API section.  The only caveat is that you need to subscribe to the API plan. Let us know if this satisfied your use case.




Hello Wei,

The current API plan is too expensive for our business. 

I was told by your sales team that we could auto-register users without confirmation email with any plan above Basic.

¿were they wrong? 

Hi, if you want to create users (and not send account confirmation emails) in your non API plan, you can use a special API that is not publicly available due to security reasons. 

Please call our support and they will enable this for you


Wei @ Zoom