Turning off chooseRecordingPathWhen MeetingEnd doesn't disable prompt on meeting end


I implemented a checkbox to toggle the ‘chooseRecordingPathWhenMeetingEnd’ setting. Enabling this setting creates a popup that lets the user select a recording path after the meeting has ended. This works - I’ve never seen this prompt in our app before so we’re good so far.

However, disable doesn’t seem to work. I can’t seem to stop this prompt from appear after it has been enabled once. It doesn’t matter if I cancel or select a path - any recording after this gets the prompt on meeting end.

API in question:

  • (ZoomSDKError) chooseRecordingPathWhenMeetingEnd:(BOOL)enable

This API returns SUCCESS for both cases. I also hard coded the API call to false to rule out any silly mistakes with the same results.

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?
Latest Zoom SDK

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Build a clean app that has never had chooseRecordingPathWhenMeetingEnd enabled
  2. Enable chooseRecordingPathWhenMeetingEnd setting
  3. Start and stop a local recording
  4. Leave meeting
  5. Save path prompt will appear
  6. Disable chooseRecordingPathWhenMeetingEnd setting
  7. Start new meeting
  8. Start and stop a recording
  9. Leave meeting
  10. Prompt will still appear

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