Turning on Inspect Element in Chrome, disables video gallery

On version 1.9.0.
When viewing 4 people in Video Gallery mode, I right click and click on Inspect Element. The view changes to single person mode, and arrows appear to cycle through all the speakers. How do I prevent this from occurring? I would like to do Inspect Element, keeping the view as Speaker Gallery view, as I am looking for the div element to hide the 3 dots/Add Pin option.

Hi @rossy,

This only occurs becuse it shrunks the viewport, and therefore there isn’t enough space to have gallery view, so it changes to ribbon view instead.

Instead, open inspect element in a new window, and debug that way.

If you’re using firefox, you can do it be clicking this button. I’m guessing it’ll be similar in other browsers.



@alexmayo Wonderful.

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Thanks for stepping in and helping out here, @alexmayo ! :slight_smile:


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