Twilio migration - Completely lost with Video SDK account

I’m migrating my app from Twilio to Zoom. Aside from tons of questions I have about migration, I can’t even find my API key. I’m follow this article: Video SDK - App Marketplace but I don’t see any section for “API Keys”!

Do I need to submit my app before seeing the API Keys?

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Hi @r.asgari.g ,

To find your Video SDK and API key and secrets, first visit the Zoom App Marketplace.

Once there, click “Sign In” in the upper right of the page. Sign in with your Video SDK account.

From here, hover over “Develop” and click “Build with Video SDK”.

You should be able to find what you are looking for from here!


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I can’t seem to be able to post photos in my replies here! But uploaded the screenshot here Screenshot-2024-05-11-at-10-15-16 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

This is what I see when I go to Build Video SDK. Do I need to complete all these info and submit in order to see my API key? If yes, then I’m not really sure about the OAuth Information section. I can’t figure out why I need an OAuth redirect URI for my usecase.

Hi @r.asgari.g, pardon the block on uploading images, we prevent recently created accounts from posting images.

Looks like you’re using your standard Zoom Meetings account and have created an app on the Marketplace.

You’ll need to create a Zoom Video SDK account. This will require a separate email. Docs on this are available here:

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Hey @r.asgari.g ,

See my direct message, we’d like to take a look at your account.


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This issue, which affected only a few Video SDK accounts has been resolved.