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Welcome Twilio developers to Zoom Video SDK! Twilio has chosen the Zoom Video SDK as the migration path for the Twilio Video deprecation.

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.NET MAUI wrapper for iOS and Android

Since Twilio announced the EOL for the video programming module and suggested all the developers using this module to migrate to Zoom Video SDK, it will be great to also have a .NET MAUI wrapper for iOS and Android. This will help us to have a faster migration for our project.

Thank you.

Hi anybody has migrated from Twillio to zoom video websdk with all features like share screen virtual background etc ?

Hey @shoaib.iqbal07 ,

May I help you with any specific questions? We do have a customer story published of a Twilio migration if you are interested: https://explore.zoom.us/en/customer_stories/taskhuman/


Hey @ramroum.89 ,

We do not support .NET MAUI. You may use the iOS and Android SDKs, or the React Native SDK.