Two emails are sent when we register an attendee in a "manually approve" meeting and then change their status to approved using the API for both operations

The goal is to have an external registration where the link to register cannot be shared. The meeting is setup as “Registration Required” and “Manually Approve”. That means if someone shares the registration link those registrants will sit in an “Awaiting Approval” state. Using the API we would like to register the person, which will set their approval to pending, and then change their status to Approved. That results in the same email going out twice. Once when the person registers and once when the status changes. Essentially sending double emails for reach flow.

The result is that the registrant gets two emails.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Using JWT

Which Endpoint/s?
/webinars//registrants to add a registrant then

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
To reproduce the meeting is setup as manually approve. The first call will register the person (email gets sent), the second call changes the status to “approved” and the same email gets sent.

Additional context
An uncomfortable workaround is to

  • Call /webinars/
  • Change Approval Type to 0 (automatic) if it is setup as 1
  • Register the person
  • Change Approval Type back to 1 (manually approve) if it was originally 1

We don’t think this will scale at all due to the fact that these cannot be run in a batch and for other concurrency issues.

The bottom line question is, how do we prevent a second email from going out when the registration status changes using the API?


Hey @rrichter,

I was able to reproduce this issue, thanks for pointing it out to us. We will fix asap. (ZOOM-170793)

If you’d like, you can turn off the registrant emails:


Hey @rrichter,

We will be releasing the fix for this this month. Stay updated here:


Hey @rrichter,

This is now fixed. :slight_smile: