TypeError: Cannot add property activeApps, object is not extensible

Getting error “TypeError: Cannot add property activeApps, object is not extensible” on calling client.init().
I am getting this error when calling client.init method again when internet connected back after disconnection.

Browser Console Error

TypeError: Cannot add property activeApps, object is not extensible
    at zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:1983308
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at _createClass.init (zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2:1983282)
    at v (ZoomMeetingComponent.tsx:120:13)
    at I (ZoomMeetingComponent.tsx:88:21)
    at ZoomMeetingComponent.tsx:59:5
    at rc (react-dom.production.min.js:244:332)
    at kl (react-dom.production.min.js:286:111)
    at cl (react-dom.production.min.js:273:185)

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
@zoomus/websdk: 2.8.0
Type: Component View

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

 const clientInit = (): typeof EmbeddedClient | undefined => {

    if(!containerRef.current) {

    const _client: typeof EmbeddedClient = ZoomMtgEmbedded.createClient();

      debug: false,
      zoomAppRoot: containerRef.current,
      language: 'en-US',
      customize: {
        meetingInfo: [],
        video: {
          isResizable: true
    .catch((err: any) => {
      console.error("unable to init zoom client", err);

    return _client;

  const clientJoin = (_client?: typeof EmbeddedClient) => {

    if(!_client) {
      console.error("client not found");
      return ;

    console.info("joining client");
    	sdkKey: zoomConnectionData.sdkKey,
    	signature: zoomConnectionData.signature,
    	meetingNumber: zoomConnectionData.meetingNumber,
    	password: zoomConnectionData.password,
    	userName: currentUser.name,
      userEmail: currentUser.email,
      success: handleClientJoined,
      error: handleErrorOnJoin
    .then((res) => {
    .catch((err) => {


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