UI enhancement in Zoom ChatBot

We have created a ChatBot in Zoom. We can customize the messages but there are limitations.

There are buttons that are limited to four colors and we cannot change the colors. The background color of the messages also cannot be changed.

Message window width cannot be increased beyond a certain level.

Is there any way we can fully customize the chat messages in Zoom Bot?

Hi @akshay.sharma, today, the customization options you are seeing are what are available. Can you share some of the use cases you are looking to achieve beyond just dynamic colors in buttons? If chat message/bot customization were improved, what would you like to see? I’ll share with product teams working on this now.


We would like to have a calendar control in the BOT. We are allowing users to book office seats through a BOT workflow. However, the dates are currently shown as Options and the user has to select a single option. It would be great if there is a calendar control so that users can select multiple dates as with current options we can show limited dates.

The text customizations are very limited. We cannot change the colors of a message body as per our choice. The color and text styles (Bold, Italic, etc) applies to the whole. chat body. We need to highlight specific text in the message body.

We also want to send certain data in tabular format to users in chat. However, a table is not supported in the chat bot. This will be a good addition formatting-wise.

Only a select box is currently there in the chatbot, we want to take surveys through the BOT. It would be great if radio buttons and checkboxes are provided.

Also, there is a character limit in the chat body and the width of the chat message window is also restricted. So if we send some message in particular formatting, it wraps to the next line.

Akshay Sharma