Unable to authorise zoom from app if already logged in to another zoom account in browser

I have some issues while integrating my react app with zoom. Please support

  1. when we try to start a meeting in zoom while already in a meeting, a popup will show to inform the user to end previous meeting and start the new meeting.The ‘end and start new meeting’ functionality is not working in react project using meeting sdk. How to get that click event?

  2. The user is not able to authorise zoom, if already logged in to another zoom account in browser.

Login to zoom and then tries to authorise zoom with another account using below link, it will redirects to error page of zoom. I need to forcefully login to new account


  1. I need to redirect to my site when user click on decline button.How to do that in react?
    Allow button will redirect to our site but decline button redirects to zoom

  2. Need to perform some actions while ending the meeting. How to get that end event in react.

Please help

Thanks in advance

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