Unable to automate removal of users via the API without blocking them

API Endpoint being used
Remove registrant from session

I need the ablity to unregister users from a webinar session, without blocking them from attending the same session again should they choose to sign back up.

It seems the endpoints available via the API mimic that of the Admins options in the UI whereby a user is not only removed, but placed on a block-list for the session.

If a user clicks on the unregister button on their Zoom invite, they’re removed from the session and can sign up again at a later date.

This presents a challenge managing users as many un-enroll through our Learning Management System, without an endpoint that can be used to remove users from a session without blocking them from that same session in the future, it can become difficult to track and manage automated registration and attendance.


How To Reproduce
Enroll a user into a webinar, then as an Admin:

  1. Remove the user manually from the session. The user is autoblocked from that session.
  2. Automate removal through the API. The user is also blocked from registering for the same session,

DELETE /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants/{registrantId}

Is there any way around this, or is Zoom planning to provide an endpoint to remove a registration without blocking the user from joining the same session at a later date?

@david.b as you mentioned, our APIs mimic the operations that can be performed on zoom.us website. So the APIs cannot do any different operations that you cannot do on UI

Thanks for the update here @ojus.zoom

Is there an open feature request where demand for this change is being tracked?

@david.b are you asking if the APIs have additional features than the ones on the website?

Hello @ojus.zoom

Not exactly, I’m asking if there are any planned enhancement requests to your platform that will allow for Admins in Zoom to remove the user from a session without blocking them.

It would make sense that there is an option to block a user (in case of malicious sign ups, spam etc) but there are also plenty of valid cases where an Admin may need to remove a user and allow them to re-register at a later date. By blocking a user when they’re removed, it restricts the ability for the user to be re-added to the session without first unblocking them.

Thank you for the update @ojus.zoom.

Its disappointing that Zoom does not have the capability to remove users ahead of meeting without blocking them in the future. You can consider this matter closed.