Unable to co-host simultaneous meetings when created by account owner


We have an educational platform where Teachers can speak with students one-by-one. We plan to use Zoom for such communication.

I (Account owner) bought three Pro licenses for testing. Then created two teachers’ accounts and two simultaneous meetings via API /users/me/meetings with different co-hosts (Teacher 1 is a co-host for Meeting 1 and Teacher 2 is a co-host for Meeting 2).

Then I sent “start_link” from api for Meeting 1 to Teacher 1 and “start_link” from Meeting 2 to Teacher 2.

I expect that two teachers (1 & 2) can simultaneously speak with their students, but that’s not working: Teacher 2 sees error “you have a meeting that is currently in progress” while Teacher 1 is signed-in for Meeting 1.

How can we avoid this problem? As far I can see the documentation says that we all of our paid users can host simultaneous meetings. Is it right?