Unable To Enter The Audio/Video/Chat Channel After Joining A Meeting

I am having trouble integrating a custom UI flow into Unreal Engine. I have made a lot of success but am now stuck after initializing my meetingService and successfully joining a meeting but the client never shows up. I am also having trouble finding a way to log the error codes I assume it’s triggering.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to figure out the onMeetingStatusChanged implementation yet. If anyone has any ideas they think might help it’ll be very appreciated, thank you in advance.

Which Windows Video SDK version?
zoom-sdk-windows- x64

To Reproduce(If applicable)
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1.) Download Win SDK,
2.) Follow Setup for CustomUI
3.) Init Auth, Meeting Services
4.) Join Meeting And Receive Success Code
5.) Not be in meeting

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  • Device: amd
  • OS: win10

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Hi @JasonHoku, thanks for using our SDK.

Please note that I have moved your post over to the #meeting-sdk:windows category. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please provide additional details about where you’re getting stuck and/or what issues you’re seeing? Any context around the actual usage of the SDK would be helpful in figuring out exactly what you’re running into.


Jon, thank you so much for the assistance and taking interest in this with me!

I have initialized the Zoom Windows SDK inside of an Unreal Engine project as a modular plugin.

Currently I am stuck after receiving a meeting join success code and hoping to initialize joining the meeting entirely for now and plan to integrate audio and video into the scene next.

I have initialized the auth, meetings and settings services but am not seeing the client join the room as expected, here is the most recent relevant code after receiving SDKERR_SUCCESS and MEETING_STATUS_CONNECTING

joinMeetingCallReturnValue = meetingService->Join(joinMeetingParam);
if (joinMeetingCallReturnValue == ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::SDKError::SDKERR_SUCCESS)
// Join meeting call succeeded, listen for join meeting result using the onMeetingStatusChanged callback
	MessageBox(NULL, TEXT("Meeting Joined ."), TEXT("Third Party Plugin"), MB_OK);

	ExampleLibraryClass statusChangeInstance;
	int statusResult = 0;
	statusResult = meetingService->GetMeetingStatus();
		MessageBox(NULL, TEXT("Status Connecting." + statusResult), TEXT("Third Party Plugin"), MB_OK);
		statusChangeInstance.onMeetingStatusChanged(meetingService->GetMeetingStatus(), statusResult);
		essageBox(NULL, TEXT("Meeting Status Sent To On Change ." + statusResult), TEXT("Third Party Plugin"), MB_OK);

Any thoughts on what I might be missing? I’m working on exploring the Custom UI service further right now, but the example code is over 1500 lines and I’m still working through what I need from it.


Hi @JasonHoku,

Can you please provide the meeting status callbacks you are seeing, in the order they are received and the values you are setting on your joinMeetingParam?


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