Windows SDK: Getting an error MEETING_STATUS_FAILED : 100000400 and how do we join multiple meetings

Couple of questions. We are getting an error onMeetingStatusChanged : MEETING_STATUS_FAILED : 100000400 when calling joinMeetingCallReturnValue = pMeetingService->Join(joinMeetingParam), this is showing in the listener void ZoomSDKListener::onMeetingStatusChanged(ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::MeetingStatus status, int iResult), and we can’t find what this error 100000400 is in the docs can you tell us what this means? Here’s more output from the listener:

LogTemp: onMeetingStatusChanged : MEETING_STATUS_CONNECTING : 0
LogTemp: onMeetingStatusChanged : MEETING_STATUS_DISCONNECTING : 0
LogTemp: onMeetingStatusChanged : MEETING_STATUS_FAILED : 100000400
LogTemp: onMeetingStatusChanged : MEETING_STATUS_ENDED : 0

joinMeetingParam is like this:

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::JoinParam joinMeetingParam;
// Provide meeting credentials for end user using JoinParam4NormalUser
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::JoinParam4WithoutLogin joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam;


joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.meetingNumber = FCString::Atoi64(*meetingNumber);
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.vanityID = NULL;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.psw = *meetingPass;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.userName = *displayName;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.hDirectShareAppWnd = NULL;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.customer_key = NULL;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.webinarToken = NULL;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.isDirectShareDesktop = NULL;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.isVideoOff = true;
joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam.isAudioOff = false;

joinMeetingParam.param.withoutloginuserJoin = joinMeetingForNormalUserLoginParam;

Also can we join multiple meetings by creating multiple meetings services like this?

// Create IMeetingService object to perform meeting actions
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::SDKError InitReturnVal = ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::CreateMeetingService(&pMeetingService);


@carl1 ,

What version of the Windows Meeting SDK are you using?

We are using

@carl1 ,

Thank you sharing this information. Can you also share at what point the : MEETING_STATUS_FAILED : 100000400 error started to trigger? I see you mentioned that you join multiple meetings by creating multiple meetings services. Did this error start before that implementation?

Windows SDK Error Codes

This is happening when we import the zoom sdk to the plugin and call initalizeSdk and joinMeeting, we borrowed this code from your sample project, we are not trying to joing multiple meetings right now.