Unable to get the audio working for the sample zoom application

We are trying to run the Zoom SDK client on our Android system (it’s the Android x86_64 OS), however the audio is not working (no sound, and no audio input). Our system is customized hardware, using USB Audio.
When checking the logcat, we saw the following error:
10-14 08:31:17.574 1298 1343 W audio_hw_primary: out_write error: -12, sleeping…
10-14 08:31:17.575 1298 23019 I audio_hw_primary: choose pcmC0D0c for 0
10-14 08:31:17.575 1298 23019 E audio_hw_primary: my_pcm_open(268435456) failed: cannot set hw params: Invalid argument
10-14 08:31:17.575 1298 23019 I audio_hw_primary: my_pcm_open: re-try 44100 on card 0/0

I have checked and ensure the app have the permission to Microphone.

Which version?
This problem happens in the current version of the Android SDK.

Hi @hai_dang, thanks for using the devforum.

Just to clarify, are you implementing the Zoom SDK in your own app or seeing this behavior in the Zoom app? If you are seeing this in the app, our support page for troubleshooting audio issues may be helpful.

If this is in your own application, some additional information on your implementation and hardware would be helpful in determining the cause of this behavior. More specifically, any interactions with the SDK that interacts with meeting audio settings would be great to know about.


Hi Jon,

We are using the Zoom SDK sample app (the plan is to integrate the SDK into our app later). Our hardware is a single board computer (Up board), installed our custom build of Android x86_64. The microphone & speaker is connected through USB to the board.

This audio issue also happens for the Zoom app as well. I have done the permission checking to ensure the microphone is allowed for both the sample SDK app and the zoom app.

I also try other video conferencing apps on the system (Skype and Team) and do not experience the same audio issue.

Btw, beside the HAL error message I put in the original post, I also notice the following error in logcat when running the app.
10-14 09:52:59.913 1661 2226 W AudioTrack: AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_FAST denied by client; transfer 4, track 44100 Hz, output 48000 Hz

10-14 09:52:59.934 1298 1298 W APM_AudioPolicyManager: stopInput() unknown input 542
10-14 09:52:59.934 1298 1298 W APM_AudioPolicyManager: releaseInput() releasing unknown input 542

Hi @hai_dang, thanks for the additional info.

Given that you are using a custom Android build, it will be very difficult for us to identify what the specific cause of this behavior is. Before we investigate this further, can you please confirm that your device meets the minimum requirements for running zoom?


Yes, we are using Android 7.1, with Jabra Speaker 510 … I checked through those minimum specs and our platform meet all requirement.