Sound on some phones are low


I have one issue on Android app which uses Zoom SDK.
We run basic meeting one on one. Windows app as host and Android as client.

When the mobile app connects to the Windows zoom app, the sound on the mobile phone is very quiet. We amplified the sound to the end, but it’s still quiet. This does not happen on all devices and on all Windows app clients. Just one Windows app clients.
We notice when the headphones are plugged into the phone and immediately removed, the sound is amplified.

Known phone models with that issue:
Samsung A40 (Android 9) i Huawei P30n Pro (Android 10).

Do You have any idea how can we overcome this issue?

Android Developer.

Hi Aleksandar,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. What is the Android SDK version that you are using? Based on your description, it sounds like the loudspeakers are not on or the loudspeakers are not behaving as expected. Could you have a try with this interface to force to use loudspeaker?

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson_Chen,

How to get SDK version because in Manifest.xml versionCode and versionName is 1. I have downloaded the SDK on 24.9.2019.

Problem is that the loudspeakers are not behaving as expected, they are not lowed enough. When I plug in and plug out headphones, loudspeaker sound is amplified and work as expected.
I will try this settings. Thanks.


Hi srdjan.novakovic,

Thanks for the reply. The SDK version could be found in the version.txt file when you downloaded the SDK. Please have a try with that interface and see if it helps.