Unable to play recordings video via api

I am accessing the recorded videos from zoom account using recordings api and using the play_url variable link to play the video in iframe but the problem that I am facing is that some videos are working perfectly fine but some are not working and they give 2 types of errors

a - Media not supported (file size is shown in bytes, seems like picking not the video file)
b - Sometimes zoom signup form appears within the iframe.

What I am looking for?
I have developed this website where we will project our zoom recordings to anyone who reaches the recordings page. And i don’t want the zoom recordings to be public as well. This is our admin side, where we control our video and add title, description, category and order number to videos. But as admin, we are unable to fetch videos too.


Which Endpoint/s?

Screenshots (If applicable)

You need to block access to the page from the page code. If you are logged in then and only then you have access to the recordings page. This is not a Zoom problem.


Hey @BkfxDev,

We don’t support iFraming the play_url that’s returned by our API. If you wish to embed Zoom recordings on your site, we recommend downloading the recording files locally and then uploading them to a 3rd party resources such as Youtube/Google, who provide easy-to-embed solutions.


Hi Will,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

3rd party software such as YouTube might also have restrictions like videos should be public and not private in order to embedded in page etc.

However, can we do the same with Vimeo ? do you have any integration with Vimeo ? so we can retrieve the videos in Vimeo through your API ? or is it just playing the URL ?

Please advise.

Hi will,
I have got your point but the problem is, if we use google/youtube for our videos then we have to make them public and I don’t want to do that and the other solution of downloading the videos first and then displaying is not the solution I am looking for.
Is there any other solution for me to embed the videos in Iframe?

Hey @Phivos,

Zoom doesn’t currently support iFraming any of our recording resources, so there’s not an out-of-the-box solution for embedding this directly from the Zoom side of things. For the ability to iFrame this content, your best bet would be to download the recording and handle this on your end.

Having said this, I can certainly appreciate your use case—if you’re so inclined, I might recommend submitting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


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