Unable to save (Add or Edit) Event Subscriptions for Zoom App

When creating an Event Subscription for my Zoom App, I’m unable to save it. I currently have another subscription that is working, but unable to add any meeting scopes to it.


Some new stuff, and endpoints now need to be validated. This tripped me up because it wasn’t the case a week or so ago. So if you’re coming here and didn’t realize that, here’s the documentation Zoom Developer Docs

However, one issue still persists, I’m unable to modify an old endpoint. Or delete it and start over w/ the same endpoint URL.


Same here — it looks like a recent update broke this.

Here’s a video:

Same problem here… I’m assuming Zoom is aware and providing a fix asap?

Hey @huntj06 , @j11 , @ckarpyszyn2 ,

The webhook build flow now requires that you validate your endpoint. Here are instructions and an example of how to accomplish that:

Docs: Zoom Developer Docs

Example: webhook-sample-node.js/index.js at master · zoom/webhook-sample-node.js · GitHub


If you look at my video, you’ll see that Zoom never even hit my endpoint. Zoom’s server has to talk to my server to be able to validate anything, but it’s not making a request to begin with!

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Hi @tommy, thank you for the response. There are multiple posts about this issue and I think @j11 is correct. In the docs it even says validate is not implemented yet, yet it is being required. Here are my thoughts in another post. Thank you for any escalation or acknowledgment of the issue.

Hey @j11 ,

This could happen if the endpoint url you are providing to Zoom perhaps has a wrong path or is misconfigured. Are you able to post to the endpoint URL you are attempting to provide to Zoom via Postman or CURL to see if you can reach your endpoint?

FYI @harold , the validation is implemented, the doc note is outdated and will be removed.


I have been using the same endpoint for a couple weeks in my app without problem and it still works. I am just unable to validate it. And for some reason like what @j11 says, when I click validate after following these steps Zoom Developer Docs I am not receiving anything on my backend and am getting the same validate error

Hey @harold ,

Perhaps you have logic in your backend that is filtering out the validation request?


I dont believe so. I have logs whenever anything hits that endpoint. And I added logic to specifically handle the event “endpoint.url_validation”. I will keep trying to debug on my side as it could be my issue since it is new, but it seems that many are having a similar issue.

Thanks @harold , please keep us updated.


Thank you and Same. Would like to see it work for someone else because there are a few posts and multiple people saying it is not working.

Hey @harold , here is a video I just took of it working with the sample app:


Oh thank you! Interesting… I wonder what my issue is since all of my other webhooks go through (just tested “meeting.ended”. Let me try creating a brand new endpoint and see if I can validate that one instead.

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Hey @harold , due note that the the endpoint.url_validation webhook does not include the authorization header, in case you are filtering the webhook out based on that property being available.

Thank you. But it doesnt seem to even be hitting my current endpoint. Trying to resolve that first

I’m frustrated that this is being handwaved as user error @tommy,

There appears to be an issue with trying to use an endpoint URL that existed before this change.

I had an event targeted at api/zoomevent for example. This no longer works to validate but if I update it to api/zoomevent1 it will work. If I try to go back to just api/zoomevent the validation will fail quickly without hitting the endpoint at all.

Interesting, thanks for the details @ckarpyszyn2 , we will take a look at why that might be.

What error message are you getting? Also, have you updated your validation logic to use the Webhook Secret Token and not the Webhook Verification token?


Tommy, I’m going to try to make this as cut and dry as I possibly can:

Things to note:

  • When I click Validate, the server doesn’t even register any attempt to access it.
  • When I paste the URL in the browser, it registers an attempt.
  • Yes, I know there’s a 404, that’s not the point. I’m just trying to prove that the Zoom page doesn’t actually try to validate anything — it doesn’t even try to access the URL!

This is a bug on Zoom’s end.

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