Unable to setup Auto Provisioning with AzureAD

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I should start with, I’m not a developer but rather the Zoom Admin for our company. We are trying to configure AzureAD provisioning by following this document below. I’m able to generate a JWT Token from our App Marketplace created apps. However, when we log into Azure & get to the step of testing the connection we get the error pictured.


Testing connection to Zoom provisioning
You appear to have entered invalid credentials. Please
confirm you are using the correct information for an
administrative account.

Error code:
Details: We received this unexpected response from
your application:
Received response from Web resource.
filter=userName+eg+"AzureAD Test-583be10c-a1b3-
Operation: GET
Response Status Code: Unauthorized
Response Headers: Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT Token

Which Endpoint/s?
Zoom & Azure AD

Greetings, @christian.shafer,

Welcome and thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Based on the error, it looks like invalid credentials are being used. Have you tried to log out of your personal account and clear your browser cache? Perhaps the error is being triggered due to a non-admin previous session. As a test, can you double-check the admin credentials associated with your company’s account are being used? Another resource you can reference for SSO set up guidance is :


Just to clarify, are you concerned about the account creating the JWT Token from the Zoom App Market or the account doing the testing between AzureAD & Zoom?

Can you also help clarify expected behavior with the Zoom App Market JWT Token creator? When I set a date range to never expire & “save” the app. The next time I look at the App Credentials the date is reset & there is a new token. Is this expected to be persistent or only intended for a single use creation?

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