Unable to update app

I’m currently unable to update app. I’m on version 5.11.6

I get this error: Unable to install updates - Error code:10004

No matter how many times I restart or retry it will not work.

This means we can’t test or use the latest Zoom app API and updates on the app :man_shrugging: any ideas?

@spshulem I would try to completely uninstall Zoom and install the latest version. If that doesn’t work our Customer Support Team can assist further:

Yes, I’ve done this once before, can do it again. The issue here is just our users are unable to use the app, we have a few customers till getting errors when accessing zoom apps, and then can’t update due to update bugs. Are we to suggest this to all users, force uninstall the zoom app and hard reinstall?


If you’re seeing this issue is widespread and you’re looking to address it for a variety of users I would reach out to our support team as they’ll likely be able to provide insight on the specific issues at hand and guide you to a fix that doesn’t require reinstallation for your users.

Hello! Any solution here? I have also been getting this error for about a week now and cannot update.


Has there been any updates? I’ve been running into the same problem and cannot update.


Also have this issue, have seen that error about 10 times over the past 1-2 weeks.


@MaxM im so sorry if I wasn’t clear. Yes, uninstall and reinstall is always an option, but I’m posting this in the Zoom Apps page because me and my customers are unable to use the Zoom Apps and Update because of bugs like this.

Is the official response from Zoom is that we recommend customers to uninstall Zoom? The support forums just say to maybe download update on top.

How pervasive is this bug and issue? (Given the reply’s above, seems pervasive).

A bug with Zoom is a bug with our app, and our support staff needs to be aware if there are pervasive issues blocking usage. This can affect our metrics and overall usage.

Still unable to update the app. This has been happening for weeks. Error 10004

@Jay_G @alippinc @spshulem @matthew4

If you’re encountering issues updating the Zoom Client you will want to reach out to our Customer Support Team with the version of your Zoom Client, Your OS version and the error that you’re seeing

They’ll be able to assist directly with any issues updating the Zoom Client.

This seems to affect our Zoom Apps users, where should we go for issues blocking the use and or ability to use Zoom Apps?

I’ve done a complete reinstall, and then the NEXT update since, same issue.

Has this issue been fixed? I get the error code despite restarting several times now.

When you say this is preventing them from using Zoom Apps, what do you mean specifically? If a user is unable to update their client it would prevent them from using any of the latest features including Zoom Apps. However, that doesn’t mean that the Zoom Apps team will be able to solve this best.

My main concern here is that if this issue is related to the update functionality of the Zoom Client the engineering team I’m in contact with that work on Zoom Apps will not be able to assist here.

Instead, the customer support team has the processes in place to escalate issues like this to the proper team. I can check with their team after the US holiday but they may already have a troubleshooting process in place for this other than reinstalling the client.

I’ve been getting this error for weeks. This prevents me from joining meetings. Is there a fix yet?

Please see the above reply: