Website host does not allow us to make a verifyzoom.html page

Hi - our website provider (webnode) does not allow us to create .HTML files and their support team is unwilling to upload the file for us. We were only able to create a folder for zoomverify:

Because of this, we are unable to submit our app for review. Can anyone help? Is there a way to change the requirements so a folder works instead of a HTML file?

FYI, the error message is “can not access the html file, please be sure the file uploaded correctly and retry” but that was expected since I tried to submit it with Zoom Verify instead of

Hi @kim ,

Do you see an option for manual domain verification in the user interface? We’ve made a couple of logistical adjustments so I want to see if there’s anything to rule out there.


I don’t see a manual option, it just says to contact developer support if you’re having trouble. When I did that, it then directed me to post here. It was taking a while, so I just used a different domain instead of our main one and submitted the app for review.

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