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I’m unable to view the invitation link provided to me on my laptop. But for some reason, i could see it using my mobile phone.

Screen shot of laptop below. A prompt will first appear to request you click allow. When you do, or click ‘click here’, it always ends up in the ‘unathorized’ page regardless of how many times i logged out and logged in again or clear my cache. But it works on my mobile (i’m using iphone) and i’m able to enter the zoom meeting from mobile.

This is how it looks like after you clicked ‘allow’


but on the mobile phone, it looks like this:

Hey @WCR,

Can you please share which Zoom App this is? :slight_smile:


Dear Tommy,

Thank you for reply.

I am unsure. I’m subscribed to an online course provider in Singapore. The course has been ongoing for the last 4months and there were no issue to log in except now.

This is how it looked like on my laptop.

Hey @WCR,

This looks like Canvas. Can you please reach out to the organizer of the online course? It looks like they need to do some additional configuration in the LTI Pro app.


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