Understanding the difference between webinar retention and participants list retention

According to the Zoom reportWebinarParticipants API documentation:

You can get webinar participant reports for the last 6 months.

However, trying to retrieve a participant list for a webinar more than 3 months ago fails because (as per the meeting expiry rules documentation):

Webinars are deleted 90 days after the scheduled end time or last modification.

I wanted to understand the difference between these two durations:

  • What are the situations where a participants list would ever be available more than 90 days after a webinar?
  • If none of those situations exist, why is the participants list documented to be available for up to 6 months?
  • If any of those situations exist, why are participants lists not available for other webinars that are older than 90 days?


Hi @gareth.adams
Hope you are doing great!
I am happy to help you with these questions.
As far as I am aware, you can get data for the last 6 months via the API for both meetings and webinars.

Unfortunately, I do not have a webinar that old in my account to test this endpoint right now.
But If you have a webinar that is let’s say 5 months old and you are not able to get the webinar participant report data, please let me know and I am happy to look into it.

In the meantime I will ask around for more information or clarification about this


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