Undocumented 5.7.1 changes

In case this is helpful for anyone else, there are changes to the latest SDK that do not appear in the changelog. I’ve found two so far.

Used to have a delegate method named onMobileRTCLoginReturn. (This part is marked as removed in the release notes)
Now has a delegate method named onMobileRTCLoginResult.

Used to have an enum value named MobileRTCChatGroup_SilentModeUsers.
Now has an enum value named MobileRTCChatGroup_WaitingRoomUsers.

This is in addition to an apparent change to custom meeting UI where that no longer works at all. See here: Custom UI no longer available

Would love to know if you find any other undocumented changes.

Which Mobile Meeting SDK version?
iOS SDK 5.7.1

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Hey @jeremy.provost,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

I agree, undocumented changes are not acceptable. We are looking into the custom UI issue now, will provide updates as we have them.

Stay tuned.


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