Missing next_page_token and wrong total_records in response body

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

I’m requesting some reports for my account about call charges usage via the REST-API.

No error message, but the total_records value is wrong and just replicates the page_size and therefore the next_page_token is missing.

How To Reproduce

  1. Request with page_size = 30*
    ‘next_page_token’ = {str} ‘’
    ‘page_size’ = {int} 30
    ‘total_records’ = {int} 30
    ‘from’ = {str} ‘2023-08-14’
    ‘to’ = {str} ‘2023-09-14’

  2. Request with page_size = 300*
    ‘next_page_token’ = {str} ‘’
    ‘page_size’ = {int} 300
    ‘total_records’ = {int} 300
    ‘from’ = {str} ‘2023-08-14’
    ‘to’ = {str} ‘2023-09-14’

Both requests are for the same account and same timeframe, but neither provide the next_page_token despite the second requests proves that there are more records available.