Unique access per participant to my PMR

Is it possible to create an individual link per participant to access to my Personal Meeting Room?
what i need:I use my personal meeting room to teach classes, i have 30 students, if two are due payment i would send the other 28 their personal access url , so they can enter, but i would like them to not be able to share it we anyone else.
is this possible?

Hey @Alex22,

Have you considered turning on Registration? This puts their name in their unique join url.

While this may not be feasible in your use case, I did want to mention it just in case!


i have my studentes data, i dont want them to have to register manually,
what i want is to generate via api, their personal link, and send this to them,
in case i see that 3 students are due on payment, i will send the link to the rest.
tell me if you need more info please,

Hey @Alex22,

At the moment, setting up registration is the only way to generate unique join_urls for each participant in a given meeting, programatically.

As a workaround, you might consider using a password, and only providing the passcode to the subset of participants you wish to have join.


ok, i have another question , can i register my students via api? if i have their emails and name , can i do it via API? and then send them tehir unique urls to them? this can be done on a recurring meeting, i mean if register the students once, doesnt matter if the meeting repeats 20 times, they will be able to access with the unique url.

Hey @Alex22,

Yes, you can register them for a meeting via API. You can use this endpoint:

I would recommend setting the registration for your recurring meetings as follows:

Let me know if this helps!


ok that helps, but i have another doubt , is this possible with what kind of meetings only recurring? can i do it with my PMR? thanks

Hi @Alex22,

The meeting that you require registration for cannot be your Personal Meeting Room/ID, and it must have a fixed time. But it can be recurring or a single meeting.

Hope this helps,

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