Unknown data in reporting api


We are using the Web SDK to integrate zoom in our site. In the documentation it is indicated that you can send the userName of the user in the widget configuration. We are sending this data:

                meetingNumber: meetConfig.meetingNumber,
                userName: meetConfig.userName +' - '+ meetConfig.userID,

In the field userName we send a concat with userName and userId. Example:

userName: “John Dow - 1234”

We expect that when retrieving the participants report, in the column “User name (original name)” it will be filled with the userName that we have sent. Api:


John Dow - 4152
(I can not attach images)

But this is not the case. From a report of 192 attendees, 95 did not have the userName sent (the userId is missing in rows 2 and 3 in the example above). How can we recover the userName sent by us? Why is not reporting the same data sent?
The userId is key for indentifying the user in our platform.

Thanks in advance,

perhaps a problem with special chars in the names (é, ä, 静, …)

for a test, you could encode the names base64, and decode the names after the api call

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